Melba toast with blue cheese, grapes and walnuts

A delicious and fresh combination, that may appear slightly familiar. That is because during the summer tons of people enjoy it, while eating their (Waldorf)salad. And even though this toast tastes great throughout the year; you have to try it in the summer, when all the pieces seem to fit together even better. In the evening, with a glass of wine, close to the fire… sounds good, right?


Is there anything better then creating a delicious recipe, without having to slave away in the kitchen for hours? We don’t think so! That is why this recipe is easy and quick: cut the blue cheese in pieces, mince the walnuts and cut the grapes in half. After that, you divide the pieces of cheese, walnuts and grapes between the pieces of toast and sprinkle some honey on top of it. And then? Then it’s time to enjoy.

Tip: This toast also tastes amazing with goat cheese spread and apple instead of blue cheese and grapes.