A real crowd favorite: Melba toast

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Benefit from our experience and craftmanship. We have been baking Melba toast for four generations, and it shows!

Our Melba toast is a real crowd pleaser. These crisp toasts have been the guest of honor on thousands of occasions and in endless varying recipes. It is therefore the perfect light snack to go with drinks or as a snack during the day. We have been baking this incredibly crispy toast for four generations and have all the knowledge, experience and techniques to achieve the best quality. Our Melba toast has conquered the hearts and kitchen cabinets of people from all over the world. Benefit from the very best we have to offer with Melba toast.

Passion for baking

Our toast is made with carefully picked ingredients and by real master bakers who are passionate about their craft. We continue to think about how we can improve our product and investigate consumer needs. Besides that, we have a broad range of toast, with something for everybody. Our Melba thins do not just come in multiple flavours, from original to whole-wheat, grains & seeds and currants, but also in different shapes. We are the only producers of organic Melba thins worldwide.

Private Label Melba thins

Of course, we don’t bake our toast for ourselves. The most important thing to us is to satisfy our customers. That is why we are continuously improving our products according to market research. By selling our Crisp toasts under a private label, you are guaranteed quality. Besides that, there is a vast variety of flavors. We love to support you in the process, including packaging, transport and promotion. Feel free to ask us about the possibilities!

Organic Melba thins, logical!

Van der Meulen is the only producer of organic Rusks and Melba toast worldwide. Being SKAL-certified we guarantee the purity of the ingredients in our Melba organic toast sesame. These ingredients are grown without artificial fertilizer and artificial pesticides and are produced without the addition of synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colors and flavors. Besides that, they also just taste great. Which is not a surprise, considering Melba organic toast sesame is made from carefully selected ingredients, besides being light, crispy, low-fat and rich in fiber.

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