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At Van der Meulen we are very passionate about baking. If it was up to us we would eat our products throughout the day. Not just for breakfast or with a glass of wine after work, but also as a snack. That is why we developed delicious bread chips for every moment of the day. Our bread crisps have been toasted in the oven and therefor contain less fat than fried potato chips. Even so, they have the same savory taste. Our Rice toast is to eat whenever you want as well. That is toast like everybody knows and loves, just made out of rice. Fun fact: they are gluten free! We are big fans, and we are definitely not alone.

Crispy bread crisps and rice toast

Because of our extensive baking experience, we know all there is to know about baking. So just leave it to our masterbakers to come up with delicious and innovative products. Like our Rice toast, which has created a large fan base. After the rice has dried, they are toasted in a hot oven, making them nice and crispy. Even better: they are low-fat and gluten free too. Our Rice toast comes in two flavors: Rice toast original and Rice toast spring onion. Not bad, right?
Our bread crisps combine the best of both worlds too: they contain less fat than fried potato chips but are just as crispy. These crisps are made from the very best ingredients, so there is no need for any additional colors, flavors or fragrances. Our bread Crisps come in three variants: Gouda Cheese, Sour Cream & Onion and BBQ. Also, our bread crisps with Gouda Cheese are the first bread chips worldwide with the delicious flavor of Gouda Cheese.

Flexibility is our strength

At Van der Meulen we want everybody to love our bread chips. That is why we are continuously doing market and consumer research and innovating our products. This way our products align perfectly with current market demands and consumer wishes. Besides that, our strength lies in our flexibility. There are many possibilities concerning packaging and the products themselves. If you want to, we can take care of all the logistical worries, like packaging and transport. We also offer advice and support to display our products in the best way. You can definitely rely on our years of experience and extensive knowledge.


Our products live up to the highest quality requirements. We are in possession of the following certificates: BRC, IFS and SKAL. Want to know more about what we can do for you? Contact us about the possibilities!


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